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Welcome to Capricorn season ♑️

Bienvenue dans la saison du Capricorne ♑️

From December 22 to January 20, the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn. On the program: structure, plan and build your empire! Let's decipher together what this new cycle has in store for us ✨

Tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is the one who will know what to do, how, in what order and why. He has all the cards of his elders in hand and believe us, he knows how to make good use of them: with him, it's a guaranteed boom. A little order in all this mess please!

Capricorn, the anchor of the zodiac!

An earth sign known for its rock-solid grounding, Capricorn is the reliable, thoughtful being of the zodiac (we have a lot to learn from it). His aura always seeking stability and security, he sharpens his lynx eye until he knows how to spot opportunities within a radius of 3km around!

The planet of Capricorn: Saturn, the quiet force

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn develops their sense of responsibility from an early age. Very quickly, he becomes aware of the obstacles to better circumvent them and climb his mountain step by step to the summit.

Capricorn character

Capricorn, the pillar of the team!

In the group, the Capricorn is the one who fills your schedule to the brim to optimize and make profitable every thousandth of a second of these holidays, but also the one who will be happy to help you redecorate all the decoration of your apartment, even if it is 3am.

And on the love side?

In love, Capricorn seeks his half to co-build his kingdom: with him it's for life! Strategic, he knows how to charm the chosen one of his heart, even after 20 years of living together. A great sage, he knows how to take a step back and put things into perspective in the face of obstacles, which brings great stability to the couple. He invests a lot and knows how to take care of his partner: once he has removed his shell, he is a real marshmallow.

Capricorn love compatibility

Capricorn: looking to the future to prepare for success

Capricorn is a hard worker: he works every day to achieve his goals. Shadow Force, he is a great perseverant: he will not let go before reaching the summit he is aiming for. Yes, he is a careerist! Certainly his spirit is ambitious, but he does not live in the world of dreams: he always plays the card of security and he learns to create the opportunities that allow him to advance a little more towards success. Whether he wants to be a successful CEO, President of the UN or the mother of a large and beautiful family, he will put all his heart into it with determination.

What to do during Capricorn season?

With your feet firmly planted on the ground and your mind focused on the future, the Capricorn season invites projection, whether professional, personal or spiritual, and it is no coincidence that this energy takes place between the end of a year and the start of a new one! This is the perfect time to focus on these medium or long-term objectives: to activate this energy, you can write down your projects and your motivations and/or illustrate them with a vision board. Ready for the future!

Capricorn Crystals

Mokaïte Jasper : why choose between professional life or personal life when you can do everything at the same time without getting tired? Find your balance, we sign direct!

Lepidolite : dispel the thoughts that bother you and get out of your comfort zone without a headache. Easy, right?

The Yellow Aventurine : you are a real ray of sunshine who knows how to seize his chance when it shows up. You will go to the end of the world and that we have no doubt!

Capricorn Crystals

Is it your team's Capricorn birthday soon? Give him an Astro Kit : 3 crystals and their explanatory sheets and a usage sheet to discover the stones according to his sign.

Happy birthday Capricorns! 🎉

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