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Welcome to Gemini season ♊️

Bienvenue dans la saison du Gémeaux ♊️

From May 21 to June 21, the Sun enters the sign of Gemini: this brings us new, lighter energy. Let's decipher together what this new cycle has in store for us ✨

Third sign of the zodiac, Gemini reflects and takes care of all the research to be carried out to implement the projects of its elders, Aries and Taurus. A sign of air, it brings lightness where things still seem fuzzy and complicated.

Gemini, the Air wind of lightness of the zodiac ✈️

His curiosity pushes him to experience something new every day. With it, the boring routine is over! Launch your favorite playlist because on the Gemini zone it's always time to dance and sing! And yes, because this air sign symbolizes youth and his child's soul knows how to leave stereotypes aside to let himself be carried away to the most beautiful adventures.

The planet of Gemini: Mercury the talkative 🙊

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini's playground is the verb. Be careful, he knows how to communicate as well as analyze: he understands things very quickly and knows how to use words to achieve his ends. His mind knows how to adapt to situations and to his interlocutors to detect all the most crisp information over the course of the conversation.

Gemini, the holder of the best plans for his friends 👯‍♀️

In the group, the Gemini is both the one who invites you at the very last minute to the biggest party of the year because he has to negotiate the entrance and the one who considers you, no matter the time, the day or the place in the world, as his number one priority if you are among his best friends.

And on the love side? ❤️‍🔥

In love, Gemini is the pro of mentalization and communication: its energy leads to more analysis of feelings to preserve lightness and perspective. This cerebral energy reinforces humor and complicity in relationships. Gemini is also the anti-routine sign: their adventurous spirit always leads them to novelty, especially if they can learn something! So if you are looking to seduce, look for unusual activities.

What to do during Gemini season? 🌬

Symbolizing duality, flexibility of mind, and verbalization, Gemini season invites you to take things as a whole when you focus your mind on a small shell. The lightness it spreads cries out to us not to take the cabbage for trifles: make way for fun! And to externalize all this, what better than a good time with friends?

Gemini Crystals

Blue Chalcedony : you have your tongue hanging out but you give it to the cat when it comes to talking about your emotions? Don't be afraid anymore and share what you feel!

Pyrite : its lights will always bring you the flash of genius you've been waiting for. Little extra: if you go all over the place, it refocuses you 😜

Le Cristal de Roche : 360° vision activated! See situations with fresh eyes, his wisdom helps you to be more objective.

Is it soon the birthday of the Gemini of your team? Give him an Astro Kit : 3 crystals and their explanatory sheets and a usage sheet to discover the stones according to his sign.

Bonus idea: the Gemini Survival Guide ebook so that he understands this energy in detail, its influence in his professional, romantic, friendly and family life.

Glitter kisses and happy birthday Gemini! 🎉

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