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Welcome to Taurus season ♉️

Saison du Taureau

From April 21 to May 21, the Sun enters the sign of Taurus: this brings us a new energy, more down to earth. Let's decipher together what this new cycle has in store for us 🌱

Taurus, wise as an image (well almost) 🧘🏽‍♀️

Second sign of the zodiac, Taurus restructures the ideas and projects driven by its big brother, Aries. It brings slowness where everything is going too fast: keep control. His perseverance induces a certain stamina, a constancy he needs to move forward. He's the pro at routine setting, and once he finds his rhythm, you can be sure he'll be the first to climb the mountain. Can you follow? 🏔

The planet of Taurus: Venus, the love expert 💖

Ruled by the beautiful Venus, Taurus likes to enjoy life and its pleasures. He is the ultra-connected of the 5 senses, which gives him this sensual and charming side. Taurus is also an art lover, beauty knows it! Through her eyes, everyday life is punctuated with precious little treasures just waiting to be appreciated 💝

Taurus: stubborn as a mule but always there to support you 💪🏽

In the group, Taurus is both the one who will stand up to you to defend his values ​​by ending his speech with "anyway, I know I'm right" and the one who supports you by bringing your favorite chocolate when it's not not going strong.

Taurus and loves ❤️‍🔥

Super-mega-involved, for Taurus, a love affair is serious business: once he has opened his shell, he places his trust 100% and will be hyper-loyal to you. And if Taurus is known to like his routine, know that when it comes to love, he takes nothing for granted: he feeds his relationship on a daily basis to live together the most beautiful of paths 💖

What to do during Taurus season? ♉️

Symbolizing the wealth of knowledge, relationships and material, Taurus season invites you to nurture your projects or ideas with determination and perseverance without giving up! Go girl! 💪🏽
The feeling of harmony it diffuses leads you to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. To accompany this new impetus, nothing better than a walk in nature! Moss Agate will help you put your need for resources into practice and Blue Chalcedony will promote the expression of your heart 🗝

Taurus crystals ✨

Moss Agate : self-love mode activated! Make way for softness and emotional balance!

Blue Chalcedony : and if you talk about yourself? Share your emotions to free yourself from them and taste the benefits of lightness.

Yellow Jasper : always by your side to motivate you and reach for the stars! Its positivity awakens your optimism: you are ready to tear everything up!

Is it soon the birthday of the Taurus of your team? Give them an Astro Kit : 3 crystals and their explanatory sheets and a usage sheet to discover the stones according to their sign.

Happy birthday Taurus! 🎉

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