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Welcome to Aquarius Season ♒️

Bienvenue dans la saison du Verseau ♒️

From January 21 to February 19, the Sun enters the sign of Aquarius. On the program: find who you want to be and how to reinvent yourself! Let's decipher together what this new cycle has in store for us ✨

Eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius knows how to handle words in all their forms: he is the free thinker of the zodiac. Always in search of new ideas, he swims against the tide to deconstruct what he has learned in the past and get out of the boxes imposed by society.

Aquarius, the free electron of the zodiac ⚡️

Air sign, Aquarius is a cerebral sign for which the "pause" mode does not exist. With more than a thousand ideas per second, it's rather difficult to fall asleep… But that gives it this power to evolve by welcoming change with open arms. Aquarius needs to get out of their comfort zone, to reinvent themselves every day. He is in an eternal quest for new inspirations which feed these creative resources and which make him such a unique being.

The planet of Aquarius: Uranus, the visionary 🚀

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius knows how to stay true to himself, especially when it comes to making decisions about his future, his fights or even the person he wants to embody. Uranus gives Aquarius great autonomy, regardless of the time of their life. The icy planet brings him this notion of change and evolution that constantly questions him and gives him the strength to (peacefully) shake up societal rules to defend collective harmony.

The selection of stones for the astrological sign of Aquarius

Aquarius, the team's mini-vigilante!

In the group, Aquarius is the one who stands out for his ingenious rhetoric and who does not hesitate for a single second to put it to work when it comes to helping those he carries in his heart. Aquarius is both that friend who will not be afraid to speak up to defend you against an injustice and the one who will always prefer to tell you a truth that hurts rather than depicting a utopian reality: "No, this top does not you're not going".

And on the love side?

Like everything he does, Aquarius has his own way of expressing his love! Complicity and sharing are his number one priority: before falling in love, he needs to be friends. His partner is his best friend, his confidant, the one with whom to laugh and share his questions. If he has a crush, know that he will be the most discreet of all the signs: agent 007, he will only reveal his position if he is sure and certain that the answer will be in his favor. Being in a relationship with an Aquarius means sharing a real place in their heart and living a real adventure: be ready because their originality will always surprise you 😉

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Aquarius: Independent Woman energy 🦸🏽‍♀️

Aquarius likes to fly on their own, experiment on their own and try out new activities. He is a spiritual being who believes in life, with a capital V! If he is always ready to listen to minorities to fight alongside them even on the other side of the world, he also seeks in his friends and loves a form of understanding that reminds him that even extraterrestrials are welcome on this planet. . Juggling between collective energy and individuality, Aquarius needs to find their own path, even if it means stepping outside the box. True to himself, it is not the standards and rules that will stop his ascent!

What to do during Aquarius Season?

Symbolizing lightness, listening and inventiveness, the Aquarius season invites you to develop the energy that makes you who you are. It helps you to understand if your actions, your way of acting are in accordance with your values ​​or what you wish to represent. What is your style ? What is your mission?

It's the perfect time to implement a change, find new sources of inspiration, develop your creativity and test, test, test until you find what excites you.

Aquarius Crystals:

Aquamarine : you are in good hands and free to share your emotions in complete safety. You have found your safe place 💖

Lapis Lazuli : develop your intuition and discover new paths to explore. You are not at the end of your surprises ! 🔮

Multicolored Fluorite : be creative until the end of your answers! You have always known how to surprise others in your reflections. We recognize you there! 🚀

Astro kit: the 3 stones associated with your astrological sign

Is it your team's Aquarius birthday soon? Give him an Astro Kit : 3 crystals and their explanatory sheets and a usage sheet to discover the stones according to his sign.

Happy birthday Aquarians!

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