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Welcome to Pisces Season ♓️

Les énergies astrologiques du signe des Poissons

From February 19 to March 20, the Sun enters the sign of Pisces. On the program: creativity, letting go and daydreaming! Let's decipher together what this new cycle has in store for us ✨

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are the ones who survey their stellar cast with wellness questions to make sure all is well. Very attentive, they naturally pamper those around them because after all, if everyone feels good in the team, we will reach the stars at the speed of light!

Pisces, the creative spirit of the zodiac 🎨

Water signs experts in non-verbal communication, Pisces are the novelists of the zodiac. Experienced with a beautiful pen or a beautiful brushstroke, their masterful hands lead them to create and transform to forever embellish their dream lives.

The planet of Pisces: Neptune, the dreamer ☁️

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are emotionally hyper-connected, so much so that they often know what you're feeling without needing to ask. They are beings of a spiritual nature, yearning to spread peace in the hearts of their loved ones.

Pisces, the shoulder you can always count on ❤️

In the group, the Pisces are the ones who know how to keep their heads in the clouds, always looking for new inspiration. They're the ones listening to you talk for the hundredth time about your ex, even if it's 4am and all that because "I understand what you mean and I know it's freeing, don't worry".

Pisces: like an air of love 👀

Pisces need to create a deep connection before fully indulging. Once inside their bubble, you will discover that Pisces are the most attentive of the signs: under their discreet airs, they are very attentive and always aim for the bullseye when it comes to offering you a gift or organize a surprise weekend. Very dedicated, they need their halves to be as invested as them in order to live the perfect love ❤️‍🔥
Pisces devote their hearts to the beauty they find in every moment of life. They show a great romanticism that will make your favorite Disney pallor because for them and their loved ones, nothing is too good: if they feel that landing the moon could make you smile again, they won't hesitate for a second. !

What to do during Pisces season? ♓️

Symbolizing empathy, peace, and creativity, Pisces season invites you to align with yourself. This cycle reminds you that sometimes certain situations escape all logic and require you to take a step back. It's an ideal time to work on letting go and connecting to your spirituality. What are your beliefs? What topic do you need to slow down on? To guide you through all these questions, use the crystals of Pisces 👇🏽

Pisces Crystals:

✦ Labradorite: taking care of others is good, taking care of yourself is even better! Protect yourself from the intrusive emotions you encounter to ensure your well-being 🙏🏽
✦ Chalcopyrite: awaken your artistic soul and add color to your projects! Motivation mode activated!
✦ Selenite: create your bubble of protective serenity and follow the path of your intuition, it has so much to share with you!

Is it soon the birthday of Pisces in your team? Give them an Astro Kit: 3 crystals and their explanatory sheets and a usage sheet to discover the stones according to their sign.

Happy birthday Pisces! 🎉

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