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The character and the stones of the astro sign of Libra ♎️

Les pierres et le caractère du signe astrologique de la Balance

The personality of the astrological sign of Libra

Seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is the one who reassures their elders by confirming that what they are building is beautiful, thus encouraging them to continue their journey. Knowing well that not everything is white or black, Libra knows how to play devil's advocate if it seems fair to them! If the game is worth the candle, you can be sure that she will defend you body and soul. Art lover, Libra works on her style: this natural charm that we know so much about her makes more than one fall for her! Venusian, she is an excellent communicator, especially when it comes to justice. Symbolizing peace and balance, it makes it a point of honor to remain objective, so much so that sometimes these words leave us speechless!

The color of Libra: pink
The planet of Libra: Venus

The strengths of the sign of Libra

If there's one thing the zodiac wants to steal from Libra, it's their communication skills, or rather negotiation skills! What, you're Libra and you're not pretending to cry croc tears to coax the rest of the world?! Don't worry, you don't need to be in the drama to master the art of negotiation! Both queen of speech and expert in listening, Libra is naturally attentive to her audience: she quickly knows how to spot inconsistencies to tip the scales in her favor (or that of her BFs), and all with style! No one can compete!

The points of improvement of the sign of Libra

If Libra knows how to listen, it is nonetheless very empathetic! Yes, Libra knows how to immerse themselves in the stories of their loved ones and live with them the ups and downs. Hyper-invested and wishing to restore balance at all costs, this can make decision-making difficult. For Libras, choosing is more like giving up than anything else! So to decide, it's good to remind them that choosing is moving forward ⬆️

The stone of the astrological sign of Libra

A stone for Libra? It is the Dalmatian Jasper without hesitation! For what ? Because the Dalmatian Jasper is turned towards the future: it helps Libra to show initiative and courage, especially in decision-making. It is a stone that reminds her that the power is in her hands and that she is the one who can choose to live the life she dreams of!

The stone of the astrological sign of Libra for love

For love, Libras can count on Rose Quartz : a stone that acts directly on the heart, Rose Quartz is a self-love comforter to keep close to you every day. Strengthening love ties, it is also a stone that works on self-confidence and self-esteem. His message: “learn to love yourself before loving others” 💖

The stone of the astrological sign of Libra for work

Blue Apatite is the stone par excellence for Libras in the context of work! Stone of communication, it gives a boost to make its audience as attentive as it is. Yes, because getting involved is good, but being with the whole group is better. Bye bye frustration, you are all involved at the same level, ready to move mountains!

Gift ideas for the sign of Libra

Your best friend, your crush or yourself are Libra? Here are our Libra vibes gift ideas to delight them for sure!

Number 1: the Astro Balance Kit
Bringing together the 3 lucky stones of Libra, the Astro Kit is ideal for beginners. With the 3 stones, you will also find the 3 associated explanatory sheets as well as a bonus sheet to use your crystals to perfection! Easy peasy 😉
Budget: 25€

Number 2: The Libra Survival Guide
Who has never dreamed of knowing how to seduce a Libra? Well know that the info is slipped into this 25-page ebook. It also includes all the essential characteristics to know this sign: love life, work, friends, family, its character according to its decan, and many others...
Cost: €8.90

Number 3: A Love Version Card Draw
Venusian, Libras are one of the signs closest to love: this is an area in which she asks herself a thousand and one questions, even if it means sometimes not daring to make a decision! To enlighten the heart of Libras, what could be better than a draw of cards questioning the love energies of the moment? Give him this 30 min session oriented personal development, well-being and benevolence with Chloe who will know how to put words on these evils 💌
Cost: €59

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