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The character and the stones of the astro sign of Scorpio ♏️

Le caractère et les pierres du signe astro du Scorpion ♏️

The personality of the astrological sign of Scorpio

Eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is the one who is not afraid to question the way his colleagues act. Beneath his sarcasm, which makes him difficult to pin down, Scorpio's mission is in fact to lift taboos in order to finally deal with the things that prevent progress: it was about time he arrived! Quite shy, Scorpio is an introspective being: for him, nothing is certain! He is also a great enthusiast who, when he allows himself to live his dreams, gives himself the balls without ever stopping. Pause ? Very little for him! Unless it's a question of penetrating the mysteries of the invisible world: he's the hunter of the secrets of the zodiac… Boo! 🧙🏽‍♀️

The color of Scorpio: black
Scorpio's planet: Pluto

The strengths of the sign of Scorpio

If there's one thing the zodiac wants to steal from Scorpio, it's their strength of mind! Listening to his intuition, he knows how to observe and ask himself the right questions at each crucial stage of a project, a relationship or his entire life. Yes, it's difficult, yes, it's uncomfortable, but it's so necessary! Counting a Scorpio among your friends is the assurance of honest, deep, open-hearted conversations: a relationship that elevates you!

The points of improvement of the sign of Scorpio

If the Scorpio knows how to question himself, he can sometimes tend to drift in his flow of thoughts. In her mind, everything is going fast, so her fears can haunt her nights (and sometimes those of her friends too). To turn off the self-destruction mode, the Scorpio must keep in mind that by exploring its shadow areas it is looking for its light, its magic. By following this guideline, he can be sure that his emotions will no longer confuse the tracks!

The stone of the astrological sign of Scorpio

A stone for Scorpio? It's Garnet for sure! A stone with a strong anchoring power, Garnet helps Scorpio to refocus and focus on the present moment. He also brings great determination to this Water sign who aspires to live with passion! Garnet shows Scorpio how much each situation, each emotion that he goes through is an experience rich in meaning and full of learning. It is a positive stone that makes you smile! 😁

The stone of the astrological sign of Scorpio for love

For love, Scorpios can count on Carnelian: a stone of femininity par excellence, Carnelian brings this boost and this passion to relationships. Close to this orange stone and full of vitality, the femme fatale side of Scorpio springs into action: ready to seduce (or break hearts) it is full of assurance and leaves its shyness aside. Something to warm up your nights (and much more if affinity) ❤️ 🔥

The stone of the astrological sign of Scorpio for work

Howlite is the stone par excellence of Scorpios in the context of work! Scorpio is a sign that thinks a lot (and questions itself a lot). Howlite, a white and soothing stone, helps to bring more clarity to his sometimes foggy mind. Howlite is the stone of reason: it will help Scorpio to stay rational and to make the pros and cons when he has to make an important decision. Brain light as a feather 🪶

Gift ideas for the sign of Scorpio

Your best friend, your crush or yourself are Scorpio? Here are our Scorpio vibes gift ideas to delight them for sure!

Number 1: the Scorpio astro kit
Bringing together the 3 lucky stones of Scorpio, the Astro Kit is ideal for beginners. With the 3 stones, you will also find the 3 associated explanatory sheets as well as a bonus sheet to use your crystals to perfection! Easy peasy 😉
Budget: 25€

Number 2: The Scorpio Survival Guide
Who has never dreamed of knowing how to seduce a Scorpio? Well know that the info is slipped into this 25-page ebook. It also includes all the essential characteristics to know this sign: love life, work, friends, family, its character according to its decan, and many others...
Budget: €8.90

Number 3: sacred incense
Sign of Water, Scorpio absorbs a lot of energy from others and sometimes it's a bit too much! To ward off energy vampires and be protected from bad vibes in its cocoon, you can offer Scorpio a stick of White Sage. If your Scorpio friend is a sorcerer's apprentice, you can bet on Dragon's Blood Sage, which is one of the most powerful.
Budget: €13 or €15

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