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The stones and the character of the astro sign of Aries ♈️

Les pierres et le caractère du signe astrologique du Bélier

The personality of the astrological sign of Aries

Aries is a fire element sign born between March 21 and April 20. It is the first sign of the zodiac, it is he who sets the tone and introduces the movement. A specialist in action, Aries has the courage to get started and take action faster than all the signs of the zodiac combined! A natural leader, he carries his troops straight to success. Advancing faster than his shadow, his impulses can sometimes make him give in to haste and badabom, he may realize belatedly that he left too quickly by setting his GPS to the wrong direction. But Aries is not the one who does not accept the situation and does not remedy it in lightning speed: it is the art of bouncing back on your feet!

The color of Aries: red

The planet of Aries: Mars

The strengths of the sign of Aries

The astrological sign of Aries is distinguished by its great capacity for reaction: no time for blabbering, it has already taken action. He is also passionate: he knows how to put his will at the service of what (or those) who drive him. We can say that he is imposing and that his role as leader of the zodiac suits him perfectly!

The points of improvement of the sign of Aries

The sign of Aries can sometimes be too impulsive, especially when it comes to expressing their emotions. He is easily carried away and in the heat of the moment, he can be too honest and hurt the people around him. But his anger goes down as quickly as it rises and he quickly realizes this when he goes beyond the limits.

The stone of the astrological sign of Aries

If we had to attribute a stone to the astrological sign of Aries, it would without hesitation be Red Jasper ! This energizing colored stone reconnects him to his passionate spirit, to what drives him on a daily basis. It's a bit like his spirit guide.
In addition to this, Red Jasper promotes emotional balance: ideal in case of excess, this stone knows how to say stop where everything is racing.

The stone of the astrological sign of Aries for love

For a sign that lives a mile an hour like Aries, the stone for love is Moonstone . For what ? Because its sweetness reconnects Aries to its feminine side. She helps him slow down and channel his energy.
With Moonstone , Aries is more tolerant and understanding. It is a stone that promotes listening to one's needs, whether physical or emotional, one's own as well as those of others!

The stone of the astrological sign of Aries for work

If Aries were to keep one stone on him when working, it would be Tiger's Eye . A stone of protection, Tiger's Eye brings the courage and strength needed to meet all challenges! Not even afraid !
Tiger's Eye restores Aries' confidence to help them pick themselves up, no matter the situation. It is a stone of motivation that only a fiery spirit like Aries can tame. They make a great duo!

Gift ideas for the sign of Aries

Your best friend or your crush is Aries? Here are our Aries vibes gift ideas to delight them for sure!

Number 1: the Aries Astro Kit

Bringing together the 3 lucky stones of Aries, the Astro Kit is ideal for beginners. With the 3 stones, you will also find the 3 associated explanatory sheets as well as a bonus sheet to use your crystals to perfection! Easy peasy 😉

Number 2: The Aries Survival Guide

Who has never dreamed of knowing how to seduce an Aries? Well know that the info is slipped into this 25-page ebook . It also includes all the essential characteristics to know this sign: love life, work, friends, family, its character according to its decan, and many others...

Number 3: the Flower of Life

“The flower of what?” Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you! The Flower of Life is a wooden plate composed of perfectly geometric shapes to which we associate energetic virtues: this is the principle of Sacred Geometry. Easy to use, the Flower of Life is used to unload and recharge your crystals in lightning speed, without the fuss. The ideal accessory for the Aries who is always in a hurry and does not want to search for hours if his stone discharges in water or recharges at the full moon.

To discover all the stones associated with the astrological sign of Aries, it's here .

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