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The stones and the character of the astro sign of Leo ♌️

Les pierres et le caractère du signe astro du Lion ♌️

The personality of the astrological sign of Leo

Leo is a fire element sign born between July 23 and August 22. The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo ignites the dance floor with its fiery energy inviting to shine. His legendary big heart always pushes him to the front of the stage (without it displeasing to him). While their sense of celebration can wreak havoc on the zodiac, Leo will always make those closest to them shine by their side. The Leo thinks big, especially when it comes to making their loved ones smile: everything is good to please them. This on fire sign also represents the energy of passion, the one that leads us to what makes us vibrate. 🔥

The color of Leo: gold
The planet of Leo: the Sun (of course)

The strengths of the sign of Leo

If there's one thing the zodiac wants to steal from Leo, it's their honesty! Ultra-authentic, he builds his relationships on sincerity. The goal? Get away from all hypocrisies to which he never stoops! Yes, you are talking to a king all the same! The Lion is in the nobility and he knows how to recognize those who court him out of pure interest: he seeks relationships in which he is free to play his own role and not that of another.

Improvement points for the sign of Leo

If the Leo always lets his heart speak, he expects no less from others. In return, he sets the bar as high as he set it for you: beware of anyone who dares to challenge his principles, the Leo is proud and will never give up! When he is disappointed or feels betrayed and cheated, the Leo can let his ego speak and this is where resentment is born. When he becomes aware of this, he frees himself from these stagnant emotions to focus on the light.

The stone of the astrological sign of Leo

If we had to attribute a stone to the astrological sign of Leo, it would without hesitation be the Sun Stone ! Super bright, like him, this stone brings great warmth to his heart: it helps him find his light in any situation. This crystal is there to remind him of his philosophy of life and help him to always stick to it, because it is thanks to her that he is himself.

The stone of the astrological sign of Leo for love

A balancing stone, the Fairy Stone connects Leo to the energy of unconditional love. A true treasure of nature, this stone brings authenticity to its couple and consolidates the bonds in order to create deep connections. Bye bye superficiality, we are talking about love, the real thing!

The stone of the astrological sign of Leo for work

A stone with feline energy, like him, the Leopard Jasper makes it possible to smooth things over when the situation begins to escape Leo. She helps him juggle his emotions to show diplomacy no matter the situation. The stone of business women!

Gift ideas for the sign of Leo

Your best friend or your crush is Leo? Here are our Lion vibes gift ideas to delight them for sure!

Number 1: the Astro Leo Kit

Bringing together the 3 lucky stones of Leo, the Astro Kit is ideal for beginners. With the 3 stones, you will also find the 3 associated explanatory sheets as well as a bonus sheet to use your crystals to perfection! Easy peasy 😉
Budget: 25€

Number 2: The Lion Survival Guide

Who has never dreamed of knowing how to seduce a Leo? Well know that the info is slipped into this 25-page ebook. It also includes all the essential characteristics to know this sign: love life, work, friends, family, its character according to its decan, and many others...
Cost: €8.90

Number 3: Reading your astral identity card

Often cradled in clichés, the Leo sometimes has trouble finding his way around his sign and all the descriptions that can be made of it. The discovery of his astral chart reveals to him his astrological dominance which nuances the energy of his solar sign with which he finds it difficult to identify. This then allows him to understand himself better and to be more indulgent towards himself.
Cost: €49

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