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The stones and the character of the astrological sign of Capricorn ♑️

Les pierres et le caractère du signe astrologique du Capricorne

Capricorn is an Earth sign born between December 22 and January 20. Tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is a very square sartunian. This is the most hardworking and ambitious sign of the zodiac: he works very hard and without counting his hours to achieve his goals! 🚀

The personality of the astrological sign of Capricorn

Tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is the one who will know what to do, how, in what order and why. He has all the cards of his elders in hand and believe us, he knows how to make good use of them: with him, it's a sure rise. A little order in all this mess please! Structured, he works hard so that the system works and above all, that it brings him good results. Turned towards figures and what is tangible, Capricorn also watches over the financial aspect in our lives: betting everything on security, he observes and learns from past experiences that he will be able to reuse for his success. Business woman the Capri!

The color of Capricorn: brown
The planet of Capricorn: Saturn

The strengths of the Capricorn sign

If there is one thing the zodiac wishes to steal from Capricorn, it is their ability to aim for the long term: hyper-aware of the consequences of each action, they are in eternal projection, whether in their professional life or whether in love or family. This analytical mind allows him to make the right decisions at the right time in pursuit of his dreams. It also gives him this power of concentration and perseverance: he never gives up anything, especially if it can contribute to his success!

The points of improvement of the sign of Capricorn

If the Capricorn knows how to structure and order his workspace, he is nevertheless a little too much in control. So yes, sometimes you are never better served than by yourself, but it is good to know how to take breaks, especially when it becomes counterproductive. Not the holiday pro, he'll avoid the subject until you impose on him. But once he lets go, he knows how to optimize his rest time and will be able to return from his paradise island serene and confident for the rest of the operations.

The stone of the astrological sign of Capricorn: Lepidolite

A stone for Capricorn? It's Lepidolite for sure! A stone diffusing a soothing energy, Lepidolite chases away bad vibes, especially those linked to fears of the future. Capricorn projects a lot and can sometimes create anxiety by anticipating the future too much: Lepidolite helps him to regulate this fear by rationalizing and showing him how much change is beneficial for him. At his side, the Capri is no longer afraid to take the plunge: let's go! 🚀

The stone of the astrological sign of Capricorn for love: Yellow Aventurine

For love, Capricorns can count on Yellow Aventurine: a super luminous stone, Yellow Aventurine reconnects with authenticity and spontaneity. It helps the Capricorn to be himself in his couple and not to play a role: it thus participates in a good understanding and strengthens the bonds, based on honesty and trust. In addition to this, the Yellow Aventurine boosts ambition and projects together: more than a couple, you are a real competitive team 🏆

The stone of the astrological sign of Capricorn for work: Jasper Mokaite

Jasper Mokaite is the stone par excellence of Capricorns in the context of work! The hardest-working sign, Capricorn can trust Jasper Mokaite, which chases away procrastination to make way for productivity. With him, every minute is profitable! But Mokaite Jasper is also a stone of balance: it reminds Capricorn how important it is to take breaks to stay focused (and motivated). He then encourages her to find the right balance between professional life and personal life to allocate the same energy and move forward in all areas of her life ❤️

Gift ideas for the sign of Capricorn

Your best friend, your crush or yourself are Capricorn? Here are our Capri vibes gift ideas to delight them for sure!

Number 1: the Capricorn Astro Kit

Bringing together the 3 lucky stones of Capricorn, the Astro Kit is ideal for beginners. With the 3 stones, you will also find the 3 associated explanatory sheets as well as a bonus sheet to use your crystals to perfection! Easy peasy 😉
Budget: 25€

Number 2: The Capricorn Survival Guide

Who has never dreamed of knowing how to seduce a Capricorn? Well know that the info is slipped into this 25-page ebook. It also includes all the essential characteristics to know this sign: love life, work, friends, family, its character according to its decan, and many others...
Cost: €8.90

Number 3: the Ebook Learn to manage your stress

Naturally stressed, Capricorn tends to put too much pressure on themselves to achieve their goals. This allows him to move forward but in the long term it is not really beneficial. This ebook brings together all the anti-stress tips that are easy to apply on a daily basis to live more serenely and open up to letting go. To take everywhere, it reads in transport as in its cozy bed.
Cost: €6.90

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