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Mercury Retrograde from September 10 to October 2, 2022

Mercure Rétrograde du 10 septembre au 2 octobre 2022
From September 10 to October 2 Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Libra and then in the sign of Virgo. Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

“But what is happening today? » Don't panic if a deadline has just fallen from the sky or if your computer no longer wants to cooperate: Mercury begins its retrograde on September 10 and its energies will accompany us for 3 weeks, for better or for worse. 🤞🏽

Why do we speak of “mercury retrograde”?

Mercury is one of the planets of our solar system and from the Earth's point of view, its course around the Sun slows down until it retreats and retraces its steps: this is called a retrograde. Going back, she can cross several constellations like here with Libra and Virgo. This retrograde then brings us two types of reflection and energy:

The energies of Mercury retrograde in Libra ♎️

The pluses of Mercury retrograde in Libra 👍

From September 10 to 23, Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Libra. In this Air sign, Mercury asks us to work as a team and harness the power of collaboration. It's a time to slow down but above all to build lasting partnerships on which to count once this period has passed. Libra opens to collective energy: your intellectual resources are found in sharing, communication and openness to others.

The negatives of Mercury retrograde in Libra 👎

The Libra temperament is centered around the issue of balance. You may feel like a tightrope walker and have difficulty choosing your words: can I say this or that? To preserve peace in your relationships, you will need to take the time to reflect on this theme.

The energies of Mercury retrograde in Virgo ♍️

The pluses of Mercury retrograde in Virgo 👍

From September 24 to October 2, Mercury performs its last days of retrograde in domicile (sign associated with the planet) in the sign of Virgo. A pro at organization, this Earth sign reminds you how important it is to take the time to plan your week or complete your to-do. More than a guide, it helps you not to lose track with all this information and new ideas that appear in your mind every second.

The negatives of Mercury retrograde in Virgo 👎

In their rigid side, Virgo does not want to leave room for improvisation and feels more at ease when everything is under control. But here it is, Mercury's favorite pastime in full retrograde is to be unpredictable! This period therefore requires taking a step back, finding sources of well-being and lightness so as not to be too impacted by last-minute wacky projects or forgetting one of the monthly financial reports. Letting go is not Virgo's strong point, but she is aware of it and knows how to highlight the areas of your life that need it.

But then, what to do during the retrograde of Mercury?

Concretely, Mercury retrograde is neither more nor less than a moment of intense reflection on subjects of our daily life. If this work of the mind sucks at you, don't hesitate to take a break, clear your mind and come back to it later. A retrograde is also a slowdown to take the time to retrace these steps and observe. Take naps, save important files, tidy up your space so you don't lose anything and do letting go exercises: everything will be fine 🧘🏽‍♀️

Note: all the planets have their retrograde periods so that they concern 75% of the total time of a year. So don't panic during these next 3 weeks: you have the resources within you, you can trust yourself!

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