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Astro: What is an astral theme? Ascendant, Moon, Planets, Houses

thème astral

Do you want to learn more about yourself and understand certain aspects of your life through a reading of your birth chart? Know that you can do it from home in one click and here is the guide to follow to decipher the message of the stars.

What is an astral chart?

A birth chart or birth chart is a photograph of the planetary placements at the time of your birth. During their cycle, each planet in the solar system passes through the different constellations of the 12 astrological signs. Depending on their placement at the time of your birth, the planets reveal your personality traits in several areas of life.

Example : Mars (my way of acting) in Aries (determination) = I am a fighter, I take action, I go for it....

The birth chart is a real tool for self-knowledge: as you read and discover, you will understand the major energies that influence you, the areas of life that matter most to you, or your emotional involvement in certain situations.

Let’s decipher the energies of your birth chart:

How to read your birth chart?

Take out your glasses, our rocket enters the analysis and decryption of the stars!

To realize your birth chart, you need your date, time and place of birth. For what ? Because the planets advance from hour to hour and therefore depending on your position, in Paris or in Bali, the stars are not positioned in the same way. Once in possession of this valuable information, you can go to a site offering the calculation of your horoscope, such as Astrotheme.

Enter your birth information and voila! You have before you the photograph of the sky at the time of your birth!

But how to decipher all these symbols?

Do you feel lost in the face of all these circles, shapes or lines that cross your sky chart? Don't panic, we help you decipher all this to understand everything about your personality.

First thing to analyze: dominance. Do you have a concentration of planets in the same sign or in the same element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)? If so, it indicates that the sign's energy dominates your skies. To help you, here is an article about the energy of each astro sign .

Next, let's move on to analyzing your planets.

Crystals according to your astrological sign

Birth chart: the role of the sun sign

The sign-what? The sun sign is your astro sign: the one you read in the horoscope (or the one you ask your crush). On your chart, it is represented by the symbol ☉. The sun sign represents your identity, your vitality and your way of radiating. It's one of the most important signs, but not the most representative of who you really are. Indeed, over the analysis of your chart, you may be able to discover that another sign comes back more often and therefore dominates your sky. This is why some people do not recognize themselves in the description of their sign.

Sun sign: my identity, my way of radiating

Astro kit: the 3 stones associated with my sun sign

Horoscope: the role of the ascendant

The ascendant represents the sign placed on the horizon line of your birth chart: it marks the starting point for reading your astral chart. And yes, an astral theme is read starting from the ascendant and counterclockwise! The ascendant is represented by the letters AC. The ascendant symbolizes the first energy that we present when we meet a person. It's the ascendant that talks when you go for a job interview or a date. Knowing it well means understanding how you function during these encounters in order to work to please others, but above all yourself. Does your ascendant reveal shyness, spontaneity or great intuition?

Ascendant: the way I present myself to the world

Horoscope: the role of the moon sign

The moon sign is the placement of the Moon at the time of your birth. A lunar cycle lasts on average 28 days, the Moon therefore crosses the astrological constellations quickly, hence the importance of knowing your time of birth to gain precision. In astrology, the Moon symbolizes the world of emotions, intuition and femininity. It is said that the Moon awakens when you return home, whether you are in your cocoon or with your best friends in whom you have great confidence. It is in these moments that you speak and act from your heart. It tells you about how you welcome and release your emotions: do you tend to keep everything to yourself or be too honest? It also provides information on your receptivity to the emotions of others: do you instinctively understand the emotions of your loved ones or is it a real mystery for you?

The moon sign: my emotions, my intuition

Ritual kits: the essential New and Full Moon crystals

Horoscope: the role of the planets

If you have already taken note of your sun sign, your ascendant and your moon sign, you have already been able to understand certain major aspects of your personality. But let's not forget the 8 other planets of the solar system! Each has its importance and its message:

Mercury (☿): my way of communicating, thinking and analyzing
Venus (♀︎): my way of loving, my desires, my relationship to beauty
Mars (♂︎): my way of acting, putting into action, fighting
Jupiter (♃): my way of growing up, my relationship to positivity, my opportunities
Saturn (♄): my relationship to responsibilities, control and time
Uranus (♅): my relationship to changes, to inner revolution
Neptune (♆): my imagination, my spirituality, my dreams
Pluto (♇): my gray areas, my way of bouncing around and introspecting myself

Horoscope: the role of the houses

In astrology, the houses are an additional reading grid to deepen the placement of your planets: each house represents an area of ​​life. Numbered from 1 to 12, like the astrological signs, each house has more or less importance in your astral chart depending on the planets residing there or not. Some of your houses may be empty (without a planet): they are less important. The largest and those with the most planets indicate a major area to take into account in the interpretation of your planet. For example: Mars in Aries indicates that I am a fighter, that I am in action and that I need to initiate projects. If this placement appears in house X, house of work and the professional world, it means that my actions are guided by my ambition.

House I: the perception I have of myself, the way I present myself to the world
House II: my relationship to money, my personal resources
House III: my relationship to knowledge, learning, my brothers and sisters
House IV: my relationship to the home, to the family, to my past
House V: the way I express my personality, my relationship to pleasure and creativity
House VI: my habits, the way I feel useful and my relationship to productivity
House VII: what I bring to the world, my relationship to collaboration
House VIII: the way I transform myself, the way I end or start a cycle
House IX: my open-mindedness, my relationship to travel and discovery
House X: my relationship to public life, my professional goals
House XI: my relationship to friendship, the way I socialize
House XII: the way my unconscious manifests itself, my dreams

Why have your horoscope analyzed by an astrologer?

"It's all well and good to know that my Venus is in Libra and my Moon is in Cancer, but what do I do with that info now?"

You now know your investments by heart but you still have some doubts about their interpretations? To see more clearly, call on an astrologer: he highlights the harmonious or unbalanced aspects of your chart. Thus, you become more easily aware of your strengths and areas for improvement in the different areas of your life. It's also an opportunity to ask your questions or to go deeper into a subject: love, professional, family or friendship... During this decryption, bring your glitter notebook because you will have a lot of information to write down! Getting to know each other better through the Cosmos, isn't it magic?

If you want to discover your birth chart or clarify a particular area of ​​your life, make an appointment with Capucine, our passionate astrologer!

Need help ? Our astrologer analyzes your horoscope:

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