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The Benefits of Palo Santo

Les bienfaits du Palo Santo

Where does Palo Santo come from?

Freshly landed from South America, Palo Santo, in other words “Sacred Wood”, is an incense that is born in the heart of the sap of Bursera graveolens , a tree that is as special as it is remarkable. The harvest of the sacred wood is done with the greatest of precautions since the land covered by these plantations is extremely protected; either by the local arborists or by the great shamans. Indeed, these spiritual guides attach particular importance to this bark which was once used by the Inca populations. In addition to its purifying properties, shamans use this incense for their spiritual awakening and chakra rebalancing sessions.

Did you know ? It is necessary to wait almost 4 years after the death of Bursera Graveolens to extract its wood. It is this detail that gives all the wisdom to this fumigation tool and its mystical properties.

How to use the Palo Santo on a daily basis?

Palo Santo wood has many virtues that you can easily benefit from on a daily basis, to promote a harmonious atmosphere, relax you and attract positive energies to you.

How to light your Palo Santo stick?

To light your Palo Santo stick, place your lighter or a candle for a few seconds near your incense and wait for the flame to catch. Let it burn for about 30 seconds then shake your incense stick to extinguish the flame: all you have to do is enjoy the benefits of its purifying smoke! If you find that the smoke is weakening, do not hesitate to blow a little on the embers.

The Palo Santo for the house

Palo Santo wood is a type of incense like the famous California White Sage . These are ancestral tools used by the Amerindian populations to relieve our home of negative vibrations while relieving us of bad ambient waves.
Just light the tip of the Palo Santo to enjoy its purifying smoke. Once your stick of incense is crackling, you can place it in the center of the room you want to sanitize so that its smoke encompasses your space.

Our tips: it will be your best ally when moving into a new apartment or a new house, to dissipate stagnant energies and make room for new things in your new cocoon.

The Palo Santo for its crystals

The Palo Santo staff is also an excellent purification tool for all your stones. The smoke it spreads has the ability to discharge your little jewels from the surrounding energies that it has absorbed. Then light your sacred wood and place your stones above the smoke for about 10 to 20 seconds. Then all you have to do is recharge your favorite crystals on your Flower of Life , in the gentle sun, on your druse of Amethyst / White Quartz or even in the rays of the moon.

Our tips: you can also use the smoke of the Palo Santo to clean all your jewelry (yes, you know, that ring you got from your great-grandmother), objects found in flea markets or second-hand clothes (hello Vinted Addicts!) .

Good to know: a stick of Palo Santo is not used all at once! For regular use, your stick will burn out in a minimum of 1 month.

The Palo Santo for its Aura

Light your Palo Santo stick for a few seconds. Be sure to empty your mind then turn around 3 times to surround yourself with this comforting smoke. This ritual will allow you to rebalance your chakras easily at light speed.

Our tips: during this cleaning and to maximize the virtues of your sacred staff, we advise you to let yourself be transported by its woody smell while visualizing yourself in a future of abundance and prosperity. For example: this new project that you are launching, project yourself by imagining it accomplished, and you are confident and proud of yourself!

The Palo Santo for its Well-Being rituals

Sandalwood accompanies you wonderfully in all your rituals and moments of relaxation and return to self: during full and new moon ceremonies, a yoga class or meditation. Its smell and its enveloping smoke bring you peace of mind and a feeling of being protected. You can easily let go and enjoy the moment. Light your stick for 10 to 20 seconds then place it on a suitable support, close to you (but not too much). Now focus on your ritual and let yourself be transported.

Our tips: during this moment of olfactory relaxation, if images, ideas or messages come to your mind, write them down somewhere or take some time to observe them carefully. They may be hiding secrets or tips that could be useful to you!

During your purification session, be sure to open your windows to let bad energies escape from your cocoon.

⚠️ Contraindications: avoid burning the Palo Santo in the presence of pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, animals. Do not leave within reach of children. Do not leave burning unattended.

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