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Amethyst: Virtues, Use and Maintenance

Améthyste : Vertus, Signification, Purification de la Pierre

The soothing color of Amethyst calls you but you want to know more about its virtues first before slipping it into your pillowcase? Discover all the properties of this violet crystal: meaning, purification, recharging, associated astro signs, ... Amethyst will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Keywords: Serenity - Harmony - Protection
Associated Chakra: Crown Chakra

The benefits of Amethyst in Lithotherapy

Here is a stone whose name you must regularly hear when talking about Lithotherapy. Amethyst is an essential in terms of crystals, it is often found in the form of a geode at the bend of a chest of drawers at our grandparents'. It also owes its reputation to the therapists who use it during their energy sessions, in order to establish a peaceful climate and for its purifying properties . Indeed, the Amethyst makes it possible to discharge the spaces of stagnant energies but also to purify its carrier of all that pollutes his spirit. Worn on your person, in your pocket or as jewelry ( necklace , bracelet or ring ), Amethyst brings you this protective bubble and promotes your serenity. In addition to absorbing bad vibrations, this type of quartz protects you from negative emotions from elsewhere: your colleague's anxiety, the stress of an exam, your partner's anger... and so on. ;) It is the stone of the zen attitude! It is highly recommended for outgoing personalities.

By connecting to your Crown Chakra, Amethyst allows you to travel through your own cosmos to reach the best of destinations: your inner harmony!

Its meaning? “Everything will be fine, I promise you. Take the time to pause to clear your mind and everything will go like clockwork!”

Did you know: Amethyst is the star stone of Auvergne! For what ? Because this region has large deposits of one of the most beautiful varieties of Amethysts. The French Touch to the end of the stones! 🇬🇧

Astrological signs related to Amethyst

Amethyst is a soothing stone bringing a feeling of serenity. The signs associated with it have this need to calm their mind to find inner peace, stop the mental bike!

✦ Amethyst for Taurus: Everything is racing and agitated around you? Call your violet stone to the rescue: it surrounds you with a soothing bubble where you are in control. Breathe, everything will be fine 🙏🏽

✦ Amethyst for Cancer: Do you capture all the energies around you? This stone calms this overflowing of emotions and brings calm after the storm. Keep it next to your pillow for sweet dreams. 💤

✦ Amethyst for Scorpio: Mind that runs at a thousand miles an hour, do you need to rest? Go and recharge your batteries with your stone: it frees your mind from tension, calms excesses and promotes connection to the imagination. 🎨

Use of Amethyst

✦ Virtues of Amethyst on oneself

In your pocket, necklace or bracelet , Amethyst has real soothing properties . It accompanies you in your moments of break to establish a climate of inner peace and allow you to approach the moments of life without anxiety.

✦ Virtues of Amethyst at work

Amethyst relieves you of the pressure that weighs down the atmosphere in the office since it lightens your mind. Within a healthier environment, you are better able to be creative and reactive in each of your missions.

✦ Virtues of Amethyst at home

Placed in your cocoon in geode , druse or rolled stone , the Amethyst cleanses stagnant energies. As a great purifier , it even lightens your mind when it comes time to count sheep to have sweet dreams. Very calm and soothing, it finds its place in a living room or bedroom, where it can bring relaxation.

✦ Virtues of Amethyst in meditation

During your relaxation exercises, Amethyst promotes the resolution of mental tensions to ride the wave of appeasement. Placed on your crown chakra, this stone invites you to connect to your deep consciousness as well as to harmonize your chakras.

Unloading and reloading the Amethyst

✦ Unloading Amethyst

Fumigation: Use your incense as purification tools for your Amethyst: White Sage or Palo Santo , the choice is yours.
As a druse or as a geode, the Amethyst is self-sufficient: it discharges and recharges on its own. Practical, right?

✦ Amethyst Reload

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

Our Glitter Tip: The Flower of Life , 2 in 1 maintenance of your crystals!
Drop your nuggets on your Flower of Life , with it, your crystals will discharge and recharge at light speed 💫

Amethyst in polished stoneAmethyst in druse / mini geodeAmethyst in braceletAmethyst in pendant

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