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Rose Quartz: Virtues, Meanings and Astrological Signs associated with the Stone

Les vertus du Quartz rose

A pink colored stone, Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra. The most common stone in lithotherapy, it is used for its virtues linked to confidence and self-love. A favorite stone, it can be used as a stone as well as in a bracelet, necklace, ring or even as an accessory like the gua sha. Discover the powers, properties and uses of Rose Quartz.

Keywords: Love - Self-confidence - Gentleness
Chakra: Heart

The benefits of Rose Quartz in Lithotherapy

Do you know that feeling of emotional lack after 10 p.m.? No need to send a languorous message to your ex who is living his best life, rose quartz will give you back what you need.

If rose quartz is so democratized in our universe of a thousand crystals, it is because it has soothing properties on our heart sores. This stone with feminine and maternal vibrations is recommended for everyone, and to be used without moderation! Rose Quartz envelops you in a cotton case and reminds you that it is good to do good to yourself (to yourself above all, yes!). Worn as a pendant close to the heart or as a bracelet, this crystal cultivates your gratitude and will help you to accept yourself. He pushes you (with delicacy) to take your rightful place in a universe that is far too big, which often seems to be beyond us.

Rose Quartz delivers a message of inner peace and relaxation. It pushes you to listen to yourself, to give pride of place to your feelings, to let go when your body activates the hazard warning lights. In a way, this stone will be your best friend: the one that will get you out of bed when you don't want to see anyone and that will take you to do the activity that restores your heart.

Whether you decide to wear it as a ring, a bracelet or even as a Gua sha* (“in Gua what?” we'll explain to you right after), rose quartz is not to be outdone when it comes to wrapping you in a bubble of love and tenderness. This crystal is there to remind you of the value of your emotions, as well as that of your being. Rose Quartz will take you by the hand in the quest for your self-esteem, your confidence and...
Do you know what they say? You have to learn to love yourself before loving others. Perhaps it will promote a renewal of love?

*What is Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha is a tool, of Chinese origin, used in the field of skincare. Mixed with a serum or an oil, it reactivates the blood flow in the tissues of the face to gain firmness and to re-energize underused muscles.

The majority of these accessories are precisely made of rose quartz, your self-love ally.

Astrological signs related to Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart that reconnects us to love of self, others and the world. All the signs are associated with it of course because we all need love 💖

Signs of fire 🔥 Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: very sweet, Rose Quartz soothes your heart and helps you understand yourself and those around you.

Earth signs 🌱 Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Self-indulgence, does that speak to you? Rose Quartz helps you to be more in tune with your emotions and to accept them. An entire program !

Air signs ☁️ Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Rose Quartz brings you that dose of self-confidence you need to express what is really on your heart. You are safe, loved and listened to 💖

Water signs💧 Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: What if you give yourself a wellness break, just for you? You are used to taking care of others but today Rose Quartz reminds you how important your self-care is. A bubble of well-being 🧘🏽 ♀️

Use of Rose Quartz

✦ Virtues of Rose Quartz on oneself

In your pocket or on a necklace, Rose Quartz helps you accept yourself as you are. By healing your emotional sorrows, it breathes a wind of serenity and love into you.

✦ Virtues of Rose Quartz at work

In your office, Rose Quartz will improve your relationship with others. Your relations with your colleagues will be more relaxed, the spirit of competition will dissipate day by day. Above all, you will succeed in highlighting your skills and shining as a team.

✦ Virtues of Rose Quartz at home

Not having Rose Quartz at home would be like building your house without a foundation. This crystal will be able to bring forth softer energies, less conflictual and turned towards love to ensure warm exchanges, so precious in his home.

✦ Virtues of Rose Quartz in meditation

Placed on the heart chakra, Rose Quartz allows you to go back to your deep wounds and explain your emotions at the moment T. By opening your heart chakra, it promotes your openness to others, and listening to your heart.

Unloading and reloading the Rose Quartz

✦ Unloading Rose Quartz

Fumigation: Use your incense as purification tools for your Rose Quartz. White sage or Palo Santo, the choice is yours.

✦ Rose Quartz Recharge

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

Our Glitter Tip: The Flower of Life, 2-in-1 maintenance of your crystals!
Drop your nuggets on your Flower of Life, with it, your crystals will discharge and recharge at light speed 💫

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