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Top 5 stones to offer for Valentine's Day ❤️ 🔥

Top 5 des pierres à (s)'offrir pour la Saint Valentin ❤️‍🔥

For Valentine's Day, tell her with stones 💖

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you are looking for an original way to convey your message of love to your other half? What if this year you expressed your love for your half with a crystal, rich in meaning? In this article, we are going to present to you the most symbolic stones for love in lithotherapy, whether you want to strengthen your relationship, work on your self-love or open yourself up to new love adventures!

Rose Quartz: Love, with a capital A!

Let's start with Rose Quartz: it is considered THE stone of universal love. It helps to calm tensions and bring a vibration of love and peace in relationships. Rose Quartz is a self-confidence boost: it strengthens your self-esteem and always encourages you to make yourself and your heart a number one priority!

Tiger's Eye: strength and security within the couple

Let's now look at Tiger's Eye: a stone of protection and stability, it balances relationships. It helps to bring strength and confidence in difficult times. Tiger's Eye creates a feeling of security within the couple and drives away all negative energies: less fear, more love!

Green Aventurine: open your heart to love

Green Aventurine is an ideal stone to offer for Valentine's Day: endowed with soothing properties, it is an ideal stone to solidify love in the couple and strengthen communication in relationships. Bachelor ? Green Aventurine gives you that new impetus and helps you welcome new relationships (new adventures).

The Pink Opal of the Andes: having self-confidence

The Pink Opal of the Andes, on the other hand, has a dazzling beauty and romantic properties: it is an ideal stone for couples looking to strengthen their love or singles who dare not take the plunge. Pink Opal takes away all judgment and helps you focus on what really matters: by being aware of your worth, you know what you want and what you don't want in love and you have the confidence to do your relationship a dream worthy of a Christmas movie!

Rhodonite: taking care of your heart

To finish with the crystals of love, we present to you Rhodonite: it is a soothing stone that helps to resolve conflicts. Rhodonite is our guardian angel: it always encourages us to take our time, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Healing stone, it calms the storms and promotes compassion and understanding towards oneself as well as the loved one.

The Palo Santo: your new start ally

Do you know Palo Santo? Sacred incense used by Native Americans for its purifying properties, it is used in the form of a burning stick. Lighting a Palo Santo stick for Valentine's Day attracts new energy: choose the intention, mantra or energy you want your incense to bring to you and use its smoke to attract that energy to you. For example, you can repeat “I attract love”, “I take care of myself” or “I listen to my heart”.

To sum up, whether you are looking to strengthen your love, communication, trust or peace in your relationship, lithotherapy is a fun and original way to do it.

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