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Citrine: Virtues, Meaning and Use of the Stone

Citrine : Vertus, Signification et Utilisation de la Pierre
Stone allowing sunlight to enter, Citrine has been used for millennia for its virtues in lithotherapy. Worn to restore courage, it transmits a deep luminous energy to its wearer. Citrine is also a lucky stone. Discover all the meanings of Citrine: Benefits, Power, Unloading.
Keywords: letting go, radiating, joy of living
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra.

The benefits of Citrine in Lithotherapy

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...
Without Citrine, the days seem longer. This luminous and so pure stone spreads its warm rays to the doors of our solar plexus to make our inner energy shine . When we feel underwater, it intervenes to activate our lifejacket and redirect us to the surface.
On a daily basis, you are much more confident in the expression of your feelings because it reconnects you to your deep desires. You know what you want, what you don't want and you fully assume who you are. Your light then becomes communicative and overshadows the evil eye or ill-intentioned people.

With Citrine, you are guaranteed constant optimism , vitality without exception . You are able to capture the positive in moments that may seem least conducive to joy. All obstacles are for you lessons to be learned and no longer barriers imposed on you.

Did you know ? Natural Citrine is more discreet than we think! Some “citrines” that you may come across are actually heated Amethyst sold for gold. How to recognize it? The heated Amethyst is of a very orange color in comparison to the Natural Citrine which is, certainly still enveloped in its yellow reflections, but much more transparent. Remain vigilant when buying your stones, bracelets, rings or any other jewel: always be sure to ask the seller about the origin and quality of his crystals and trust your instincts!

Virtues of Citrine

Citrine has many virtues:

  • Reduces feelings of irritability.
  • Promotes self-emancipation.
  • Allows its bearer to be more creative.
  • Drives away negative energies.
  • Gain in optimism and dynamism.

Astro signs related to Citrine

Citrine is a solar stone promoting courage and optimism . The signs associated with it have this need to open their solar plexus on a daily basis in order to express their personality and welcome positivity , like Citrine!✦

Aries: Do doubts take up a little too much space? Keep Citrine close to you when you have a decision to make: its luminous energy illuminates your ideas and gives you the courage of a warrior who can succeed in anything! 🏆

Gemini: And if you appealed to your lucky star? Citrine brings good luck and happiness , place it in your wallet or bag to activate its rays full of good vibes. 🍀

Leo: Find your rightful place, the one where you are free to shine as you wish with Citrine! Keep her working to be yourself and become the superhero of everyday missions. 🦸🏽‍♂️

Virgo: Open your solar plexus and welcome lightness of spirit near your stone. The letting go it brings helps you step back and always find the positive in every situation. It's your dose of vitamin D. 🌞

Use of Citrine

✦ Citrine on oneself

In your pocket or your bra, Citrine pulls you towards more positive. In addition to activating your natural heat, it also stirs up luck on a daily basis.

✦ Citrine at work

In the office, the Citrine allows you to shed light on projects put on stand-by. You manage to manifest enough vitality to resume your paused missions and be more creative than ever.

✦ Citrine at home

In your home, Citrine promotes a relaxed atmosphere , geared towards sharing . It is the perfect tool for an evening with friends.

✦ Citrine in meditation

During your meditation exercises, Citrine purifies your energies in their entirety. It allows you to shed light on your blockages to better dismantle them.

Citrine Unloading and Reloading

✦ Unloading Citrine

Fumigation: Use your incenses as purification tools for your Citrine. White sage or Palo Santo, the choice is yours.

✦ Citrine Refill

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

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