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Carnelian: Virtues, Use and Maintenance

Les vertus et propriétés de la Cornaline
Carnelian catches your eye but you want to get to know it first before buying yourself one? Discover all the properties of this red crystal: virtues, uses, discharge, associated astro signs, ... Carnelian will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Keywords: Vitality - Passion - Assurance.

Associated Chakra: Sacral Chakra.

The benefits of Carnelian in lithotherapy

You all know this feeling when you wake up: before you even get your feet out of bed, you already know that your day promises to be in-ter-mi-nable. The first idea that comes to mind then: swallow a shot of vitamins hoping that it will put a foot in the buttocks of Miss Lazy*! 💤

*Miss Flemme: international figure of psychology, tenacious personality who invites herself into our daily lives, at least once a month, without even paying rent.

The arrival of this emblematic figure or his friends, procrastination and lack of confidence are all indicators of your lack of vitality. It is in this kind of situation that the virtues of Carnelian come into play. Originally from India or Brazil, Carnelian stone is a must-have in Lithotherapy. 💟

His power ? It retains in its heart the heat and solar radiation of its native land, to reflect on its wearer. This supercharged stone provides us with all the benefits of its burning orange-red. Carnelian opens us to novelty, boosts our vitality as much as our creativity by activating our sacral chakra. In possession of the Carnelian stone , it is the return of your foolproof enthusiasm! You perceive the daily hassles from a new angle, nothing seems to disturb you or even upset you. Its properties give it a great V life force, with it, we crunch life to the fullest, in the present moment, letting our passion express itself! On a broader spectrum, the Carnelian stone has fun putting on the costume of the goddess Artemis by driving away our unconscious fears, in particular that of the unknown. Thanks to her sharp eye, she never misses her target when it comes to destroying our psychic blockages. 💃🏽

Its meaning? “All failure is good to take, receive it as a life lesson and not as a synonym of your incapacity” she whispers to you. 🚀

Most ? On the relational level, Carnelian allows us to rekindle the flame of desire that lies dormant within us. 🔥

Astrological signs related to Carnelian

Carnelian is an energizing stone bringing a lot of energy. The signs associated with it have a strong character and are sure to vibrate on the same plane as Carnelian.

✦ Aries: Wear this orange stone to erase doubt where it settles! With it, you are sure of yourself and you can move forward at light speed!

✦ Leo: To remain yourself in any situation: no time to play a role, with the Carnelian stone you are you!

✦ Scorpio: Keep your Carnelian close to stimulate passion and show you the light in even the darkest moments. Maximum creativity!

✦ Sagittarius: To enjoy life to the full even when no trip is planned. Enjoying your daily life is the greatest victory thanks to Carnelian!

Carnelian Uses

✦ Carnelian: On Self

In the corner of your pocket or as a bracelet, the Carnelian puts you on the starting blocks when you feel the slack coming.

✦ Carnelian: At Work

Placed on your desk, you will gain in efficiency: To Do List, retroplanning, speed of execution, you chain tasks without batting an eyelid. Procrastina-what?

✦ Carnelian: At Home

Bedroom. Carnelian HQ. By placing your crystal under your pillow, you allow yourself to fulfill your most secret desires. This could well send the mercury skyrocketing. MUI CALIENTE atmosphere guaranteed!

Carnelian unloading and reloading

✦ Carnelian Unloading

Fumigation: Use your incenses as purification tools for your Carnelian. White sage or Palo Santo , the choice is yours.
Amethyst druse or Quartz cluster: place your stone on it to discharge your crystals.

✦ Carnelian Reload

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

Our Glitter Tip: The Flower of Life , 2 in 1 maintenance of your crystals!
Drop your nuggets on your Flower of Life, your crystals will discharge and recharge at light speed 💫

Carnelian is calling you? Find it here !

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