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Rock Crystal: Virtues, Meaning and Maintenance of the Stone

Le cristal de roche : ses vertus, bienfaits et significations

A transparent stone, Rock Crystal belongs to the Quartz family. Lithotherapy attributes to it virtues linked to clairvoyance, benefits such as appeasement or even the harmony of vibratory rates. Discover all the meanings of Rock Crystal: Benefits, Power, Unloading.

Keywords: Serenity, Inner calm, Wisdom
Chakra: All chakras.

The benefits of rock crystal in Lithotherapy

“Seeing crystal clear” is the super power this crystal gives you. This stone, very present in the litho culture, has real powers in terms of purification . Its clarity transports you to get rid of the feelings you no longer need: lack of confidence, anger, anxiety.

By clarifying your thoughts, rock crystal, whether raw or polished, has fun playing the role of a microscopic magnifying glass that would highlight our negative feelings while rebalancing our energies . Its transparency, similar to a drop of water, gradually stifles the fire that is unleashed in our entire body. It is its balancing virtues that make rock crystal a daily ally for everyone.

Rock crystal is a stone that promotes the power of clairvoyance . It is in fact about your capacity to apprehend the events more subtly or to feel the energies of the others: with the rock crystal, you move away little by little from the dangers which the bad vibrations represent.

By visiting a crystal shop, you have probably already seen rock crystal geodes. These are beneficial for improving the vibratory rate of a room , as well as that of your stones. These Geodes will serve you to clarify your intentions during your rituals or meditation sessions, allowing you to welcome the energy you wish to manifest. Bonuses? She has the gift of realigning all of your chakras .

Astrological signs related to rock crystal

Rock Crystal is a transparent stone promoting a lucid and clairvoyant mind . The signs associated with it have this need to remain open-minded on a daily basis in order to step back and understand things as a whole and gently, just like Rock Crystal!

✦ Gemini: Rock Crystal stimulates your 360° vision! You see situations with new and wiser eyes (you know what we mean), which helps you to be more objective. 👀

✦ Balance: By restoring the balance of your energies, the Rock Crystal helps you to make the choice of calming the mind. And yes, Libra it's time to take time for yourself with this stone! 🧘🏽‍♀️

✦ Capricorn: When you need to take a step back to get an overview of the situation, you can count on Rock Crystal! Its wise energy like an image resonates perfectly in you and restores your confidence. 💪🏽

✦ As a bonus: With all the signs, Rock Crystal activates your extra-sensory gifts. It is the perfect ally to connect you to the higher spheres. 🔮

Use of rock crystal

✦ Virtues of rock crystal on oneself

In your pocket, as a necklace or a bracelet, rock crystal unravels the energy tensions that are playing out in your mind. It allows us to develop our inner strength and to approach everyday life with high shoulders.

✦ Virtues of rock crystal at work

By stabilizing all your chakras, this crystal contributes to the smooth running of your work. When your mind is free from outside disturbances, you are more focused, more relaxed, and most importantly, more efficient .

✦ Virtues of rock crystal at home

Placed in your geode or rolled stone cocoon, this stone helps stabilize ambient energies. You are calmer and more serene when she is in your company.

✦ Virtues of rock crystal in meditation

During your relaxation exercises, rock crystal helps to improve the range of vibrations of your crystals . It is an essential tool for reiki sessions for example.

Rock Crystal Unloading and Reloading

✦ Rock Crystal Discharge

Fumigation: Use your incense as purification tools for your Rock Crystal. White sage or Palo Santo, the choice is yours.

✦ Rock Crystal Reload

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

Our Glitter Tip: The Flower of Life, 2-in-1 maintenance of your crystals! Place your nuggets on your Flower of Life, with it, your crystals will discharge and recharge at light speed 💫

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