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Obsidian: Properties, Virtues and Purification of Obsidian

Les vertus de l'Obsidienne
A black stone, Obsidian is connected to the Root Chakra. In lithotherapy, it has great virtues of protection and introspection. Discover all the benefits, properties and uses of Obsidian: Black, Celestial Eye, Golden, Snowflake.

Keywords: Truth - Introspection - Protection
Chakra: Root.

The benefits of Obsidian in Lithotherapy

It is thanks to the union of volcanic forces that Obsidian was born millennia ago. In ancient times, this stone already embodied its protective virtues by constituting a major element in the manufacture of combat weapons, intended to reduce enemies to nothing. It is therefore not surprising that Obsidian has always been associated with a shield against external energies . Its vitreous and highly opaque structure acts as a barricade: wear this stone as a necklace or bracelet and bad energies will turn back in a snap. In its possession, the dangers and bad vibrations are lost in the abyss of its deep black to give way to a more peaceful and calm climate.

Need to meet you? Black Obsidian does not lie, it supports you in your introspection , lower the masks! Your truth can be expressed in full acceptance. Obsidian is also ideal for all people who lack grounding : by relieving us of the mental tensions that invade our minds, it helps us to clarify our thoughts . Protected and aligned, you will have more ideas! 💡

Why does my Obsidian have white spots?

If your Obsidian has white spots, we speak of Snowflake Obsidian . The virtues of this crystal diverge from the classic black obsidian. Want to know more ? It's over here 👇🏽

What is Celestial Eye Obsidian?

Celestial Eye Obsidian is a variety that differs from black Obsidian by its transparency and lets glimpse its iris with green, brown, sometimes blue reflections . This mystical stone transports you to maintain your inner peace and affirm your Olympian calm .

Astrological signs related to Obsidian

Obsidian is a stone of protection that opens the mind to introspection and the quest for truth . The signs associated with it need these moments of pause to refocus and regenerate their energies.

Aries: Well, when it comes to recovery, crystals have nothing to teach you! But, Aries, you are the most spontaneous and authentic of the zodiac, so when everyday life feels more like an emotional roller coaster than a long calm river, Obsidian comes to your aid to protect your energy from evildoers while allowing you to truly express who you are. The little litho boost we like 💪🏽

Virgo: Need a quick break/recap of the situation? Black Obsidian is your ally in all your deep reflections on your life, those of others or on the whole world. Between her and you, no lies, you finally see things as they are: perfect for stepping back and letting go of some ballast (if you know what we mean 😉)

Scorpion: Flashlight to move forward in the dark, Obsidian is a stone that brings you strength and courage during your periods of intense introspection on life and its failings. Your stone hides nothing from you, especially when it comes to questioning your shadow areas because this is where the most beautiful light is created ⭐️

Use of Obsidian

✦ Virtues of Obsidian on oneself

In your pocket, as a necklace or a bracelet , Obsidian intervenes to protect you from the bad vibrations that tend to overwork you. It plays a role in purifying your living space and warding off anyone who makes fun of you.

✦ Virtues of Obsidian at work

Next to your workstation, Obsidian guarantees you a focus without wavering. By grounding yourself, you maintain structure in your work and increase efficiency .

✦ Virtues of Obsidian at home

Place an Obsidian in your living room to weaken the energy rate of a room . This way you avoid the effervescence which can tire you since everyone recovers their calm .

✦ Virtues of Obsidian in meditation

During your relaxation exercises, Obsidian ensures a session without false notes. Your space being devoid of all energy disturbances , you manage to concentrate better, to reach new heights. This stone is also very useful for anyone wanting to work on their root chakra.

Obsidian Unloading and Reloading

✦ Unloading Obsidian

Fumigation: Use your incenses as purification tools for your Obsidian. White sage or Palo Santo, the choice is yours.

✦ Obsidian Refill

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

Our Glitter Tip: The Flower of Life, 2-in-1 maintenance of your crystals!
Drop your nuggets on your Flower of Life, with it, your crystals will discharge and recharge at light speed 💫

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