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Sodalite: Virtues, Meanings, Spiritual Benefits of the Stone

Les vertus de la Sodalite en Lithothérapie

Indigo blue in color, Sodalite is associated with the third eye chakra. In lithotherapy, this stone is used for its virtues related to listening and sharing with kindness. Whether used as a stone, bracelet or necklace, Sodalite has many benefits.

Keywords: Understanding - Group spirit - Sharing
Chakra: 3rd Eye

The benefits of Sodalite in Lithotherapy

Have you ever confused Sodalite with Lapis Lazuli? Although these two deep blue stones are very similar and act on the same sphere, their powers and virtues differ.

Unlike Lapis Lazuli, which will protect you and increase your intuition tenfold, Sodalite turns you towards listening and calming . This stone guides you on the path of self-confidence and wards off bad energies that can weigh on your psychic well-being. This stone offers powerful properties in terms of acceptance of others and of oneself , the two acting as a mirror. It is perfect for people who have had trouble trusting others, those around them. It promotes heart-to-heart listening , empathy , understanding of others but also openness to difference .

The energy of Sodalite, linked to the color blue, finds its full meaning in healthy communication . She helps each person who chooses her (or whom she chooses!) to more easily open up on the emotions that hide deep in their hearts. On the wrist or in stone, Sodalite guides you during your meditation sessions: placed on the 3rd eye chakra, the cloudy indigo of Sodalite (yes it has white reflections which differentiate it from the golden reflections of its cousin the Lapis Lazuli) opens your mind to greater wholeness and calm .

Sodalite is a stone that makes communication more fluid, especially in groups . Whether you are in a work team, with family or friends, it promotes listening and consideration . Combined with multi-team projects, it facilitates benevolent exchange and collaboration in order to guide you straight to success ! 🚀

Astrological signs related to Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone of intuition and communication that opens even the most closed minds. The signs associated with it have this need to share or find their place in the group in order to move forward.

Taurus: When you find it difficult to express what is on your heart, Sodalite creates around you a beautiful bubble of well-being in which you are safe. It thus helps you to open your heart but above all to share what bothers you with the group, to move forward together. With more brains, we are stronger! 🧠

Sagittarius: In the middle of a philosophical debate? Keep Sodalite close when you want to get into some big rhetoric: it helps all participants to keep an open mind and tune in to every speech. Finally an open minded space!

Aquarius: Both individualistic and super supportive, you constantly juggle between the strength of a team and the speed of working alone. To go from one to the other without a hiccup, Sodalite advises you and helps you create a climate of sharing around each table. Who's the boss ? 🏆

Use of Sodalite

✦ Virtues of Sodalite on oneself

In a pocket or as a necklace, Sodalite reinforces our benevolence towards others, as well as with ourselves. It opens our eyes to what nature offers us the most beautiful: others and their differences . Thus, you are less critical of the difference , you truly exchange and you find yourself grown .

✦ Virtues of Sodalite at work

In your office, Sodalite strengthens your ties with your employees . Your projects take on much more scope and dynamism because you manage to establish relationships of trust with your colleagues and are no longer on the defensive .

✦ Virtues of Sodalite at home

Sodalite is a great ally in homes since it guarantees calm in the mind . In a bedroom, it disperses the feeling of nervousness to ensure a deep sleep. While in a salon, the mood will be for developing healthy and fruitful relationships . Your exchanges will be increased.

✦ Virtues of Sodalite in meditation

Placed on the 3rd eye chakra, Sodalite guarantees total disconnection . It puts an end to the bickering that is going on in your mind and gives way to an Olympian calm .

Unloading and reloading of Sodalite

✦ Unloading Sodalite

Fumigation: Use your incenses as purification tools for your Sodalite. White sage or Palo Santo , the choice is yours.

✦ Recharging Sodalite

Soft sun: place your stone outside, in the soft morning or evening sun.
In the ground: place your stone in the ground so that it recharges with the good energies from its native cocoon.

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