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New Moon December 23 in Capricorn ♑️

Nouvelle Lune en Capricorne ce vendredi 23 décembre

This Friday, December 23 at 11:16 am specifies the Moon begins its new cycle in the Cartesian sign of Capricorn ♑️

What is the New Moon?

Symbolically, the New Moon is a time of rebirth, where we rebuild. This phase invites us to identify the things we no longer need in order to free ourselves from them and make room for something new. It can be a change in mindset, a habit, a new project or a new relationship. It's a great time to set new goals and direct our energy towards what really excites us 🌚

New Moon in Capricorn: productivity mode activated! 💻

After a cycle of opening up to the world and welcoming endless possibilities, the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn activates productivity mode to build the plan of action that turns dreams into reality! Work, whether on yourself or in your professional life, becomes the number one priority of your to-do: combative and down to earth, you are not naive and you know how essential it is to persevere. to achieve your goals! The vibrations of Capricorn support you and bring great determination to all your projects: structuring your ideas and actions guides you to success!

Capricorn energy to invest in yourself 💖

Sign of time and finances, Capricorn asks you about how you want to invest your time this year: what theme do you need / want to work on? (well-being, professional or family domain, etc.). The energy of the last of the three Earth signs of the zodiac plunges you into the heart of past patterns to draw only the best from them and apply the magic recipe for success. Alongside Capricorn, you can be sure to climb your mountain with your fingers in your nose!

New Moon in Capricorn: find what works for you ☺️

A horned beast, Capricorn does not let it go: his great ambition is unstoppable! His success ? He owes it to his hard work, which few notice. But to become this business woman, Capricorn applies HIS method: the one that works for him. It's up to you to find what will lead you to success. No, no, no need to embark on a Miracle Morning where you get up at 5am and meditate to reach the top. What works for others may not work for you: re-invent the codes and launch your own method!

And on the love side of this New Moon? ❤️‍🔥

In a relationship with

The energy of Capricorn brings a lot of admiration for its partner, and this in both directions: it is at this moment that we perceive the work that each one accomplishes on a daily basis and how important this balance is. This New Moon encourages you to push each other upwards and why not create joint long-term projects (especially if it concerns an investment for two). Romantic Capricorn but who still does not lose the north! 💸


Looking for true love? The Capricorn influence encourages you to find a partner with a certain stability and vision of the future: ambition, whether it is about the couple, the family or work, is THE criterion. This New Moon is also the perfect time to put on your 31 because Capricorn likes good restaurants and luxurious hotels: to seduce, pull out all the stops!

What to do during the New Moon in Capricorn?

To encourage the reception of this beautiful energy you can connect to the Earth element, there is something for everyone:

- Walk in the forest, take care of your plants 🌱
- Write your thoughts in a notebook ✍🏽
- Set up new habits ✨
- Connect to the moment and practice mindfulness 🧘🏽‍♀️

New Moon Ritual in Capricorn

New Moon Ritual in Capricorn

Who says New Moon in Capricorn, says new year! This new cycle closes 2022 and to celebrate it, we invite you to take stock: what happened this year, did you expect your objectives? Take stock of your accomplishments (there are no small victories) and thank yourself. Then set your intentions for the coming year by specifying in which area of ​​your life you wish to direct your energy.

New Moon crystals 🔮

For an evening at the top of the top, use the New Moon kit consisting of a Ritual sheet and the 3 crystals associated with this energy: Rock crystal to take a step back and see things with a fresh eye, Amethyst to take a break and inner peace and the Moonstone to let yourself be guided by your intuitions. With this cocktail, say ciao to old patterns and welcome to the new! 👋🏽

Note: Not all crystals are water resistant. If you have any doubts, go to the sheet of the stone concerned, section Maintenance. You will find all the information you need there.

Why use crystals during the New Moon?

If you perform rituals, if you want to receive messages when you dream or if you want to soothe your emotions during this intense period, crystals can accompany you. The New Moon is a powerful energy moment: to channel it and make the best use of it you can wear crystals from the New Moon Kit.

Happy New Moon Glitter ✨🌈

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