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New Moon January 21 in Aquarius ♒️

Nouvelle Lune du 21 janvier en Verseau

This Saturday, January 21 at 9:55 p.m. specifies the Moon begins its new cycle in the sign that breaks all codes: Aquarius! 🦋

What is the New Moon?

Symbolically, the New Moon is a time of rebirth, where we rebuild. This phase invites us to identify the things we no longer need in order to free ourselves from them and make room for something new. It can be a change in mindset, a habit, a new project or a new relationship. It's a great time to set new goals and direct our energy towards what really excites us 🌚

New Moon in Aquarius: make your differences a strength 🥊

In the sign of Aquarius, the New Moon activates the energy of inner revolution: it's time to welcome change! An electric Air sign, Aquarius comes to break the codes: it deconstructs limiting beliefs to help us express who we really are. It's a cycle during which we reconnect with our personality, what makes us unique, whether through our look, the way we write, think or speak, the causes to defend, and many others... Oh yes , it's a real tornado! 🌪

Aquarius energy: like an air of change 🌬

A sign of independence and autonomy, the energy of Aquarius questions us about the idea of ​​novelty: in which area do you want to reinvent yourself, where do you need to bring change? Fresh Air of Aquarius sweeps away preconceived ideas and social conventions to offer everyone their bubble of freedom where they can express their personality, their authenticity is the new standard with a thousand and one colors! 🌈

New Moon in Aquarius: waking up the Independent Woman 💃🏽

Aquarius knows how to find his place in the group and is also a great humanist! But he also appreciates moments of calm, away from his team: it must be said that with all these new ideas that the New Moon brings, you will need to take the time to channel them. Give yourself time to do activities for yourself, in which you are free to express yourself fully. You have convictions and values: this new cycle shows you how important it is to reaffirm them, to carry them loud and clear! It's time to show the world who you are 🚀

And on the love side of this New Moon? ❤️‍🔥

In a relationship with

This New Moon awakens the energy of friendship, even within the couple! This is the perfect time to create more complicity, because yes, your other half can also be your best friend! It is also a cycle where it is a question of defining one's limits and becoming aware of those of others. On the program: lots of laughter and communication, of course. ❣️


If you are looking for your partner, know that the New Moon in Aquarius opens up encounters, whether online or in a completely unexpected way! Aquarius being the original of the zodiac, it arouses a lot of curiosity and the desire to discover the other. To capsize hearts, bet on unusual activities, which are out of the ordinary. You will catch his eye for sure! 👀

What to do during the New Moon in Aquarius?

To sum up, this lunation offers you limitless space for expression: exchange is at the heart of this cycle and always brings you more inspiration. So grab the mic and tell the world what matters to you! 🎤

To encourage the reception of this beautiful energy you can connect to the element of Air, there is something for everyone:

- Breathing by circulating the air within yourself 🧘‍♀‍
- Communication by trusting, listening 💬
- Purification to renew energy, air 🔮
- Dance by appropriating the space, the air around you 💃

Bonus stars: the New Moon in Aquarius is intimately linked to technological developments, the Internet and social networks. If you hesitate, know that this lunation is an excellent time to get started in these areas ✨

New Moon Ritual in Aquarius

New Moon Ritual in Aquarius

To celebrate this new cycle, light a white candle that will symbolize new beginnings. Then write down everything you want to get rid of this year and then everything you want to acquire, accomplish, start. To close your ritual, you can burn your writings to conceal this change. Let your candle burn out or relight it later with this intention for change.

New Moon crystals 🔮

For an evening at the top of the top, use the New Moon kit consisting of a Ritual sheet and the 3 crystals associated with this energy: Rock crystal to take a step back and see things with a fresh eye, Amethyst to take a break and inner peace and the Moonstone to let yourself be guided by your intuitions. With this cocktail, say ciao to old patterns and welcome to the new! 👋🏽

Note: Not all crystals are water resistant. If you have any doubts, go to the sheet of the stone concerned, section Maintenance. You will find all the information you need there.

Why use crystals during the New Moon?

If you perform rituals, if you want to receive messages when you dream or if you want to soothe your emotions during this intense period, crystals can accompany you. The New Moon is a powerful energy moment: to channel it and make the best use of it you can wear crystals from the New Moon Kit.

Happy New Moon Glitter ✨🌈

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