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New Moon August 27 in Virgo ♍️

Nouvelle Lune du 27 aout en Vierge

This Saturday, September 27 at 10:16 a.m. specifies the Moon begins its new cycle in the second sign of Earth: Virgo ♍️

What is the New Moon? 🌚

Symbolically, the New Moon is a time of rebirth, where we rebuild. This phase invites us to identify the things we no longer need in order to free ourselves from them and make room for something new. It can be a change in mindset, a habit, a new project or a new relationship. It's a great time to set new goals and direct our energy towards what really excites us 🌚

New Moon in Virgo: big cleaning to say broom to stress 🧹

After a cycle of Leo turned towards our sources of light, the New Moon in Virgo comes to put some order in all this flow of ideas, thoughts, projects. Organization mode activated! The Earth energy it brings helps you roll up your sleeves to analyze in detail what you want to do, why and how. Put on your glasses because this New Moon evening is dedicated to your business plan!

Virgo energy to sow new seeds 🌱

The New Moon in Virgo is the perfect time to create your secret garden: what do you want to plant for this new cycle? By choosing those seeds that represent your goals, you are manifesting to yourself the reality you wish to create. Appearing a few days before the start of the school year, this New Moon gives us the opportunity to sort out and choose where to focus our energy to get off to a good start! This New Moon marks the beginning of new healthy habits to maintain your balance throughout the year.

And on the love side? ❤️‍🔥

The New Moon establishes a certain modesty in the couple: even if the "I love you" are not said by the thousand, the little attentions and the sense of detail are so present that they send an even stronger message. To love each other during a New Moon in Virgo is to create mutual respect and an atmosphere of trust where you can open your shell far from any judgment. For singles, you need to be intellectually charmed by someone who stimulates your mind. 🧠

What to do during the New Moon in Virgo?

To encourage the reception of this beautiful energy you can connect to the Earth element, there is something for everyone:

- Walk in the forest, take care of your plants 🌱
- Write your thoughts in a notebook ✍🏽
- Set up new habits ✨
- Connect to the moment and practice mindfulness 🧘🏽‍♀️

Star Council: for this new cycle, you can make a vision board. This photo assembly brings together all your goals in images and creates an energy of concentration and motivation towards them. It helps you stay the course throughout the year, until success! 🏆

New Moon crystals 🔮

For an evening at the top of the top, use the New Moon kit consisting of a Ritual sheet and the 3 crystals associated with this energy: Rock crystal to take a step back and see things with fresh eyes, Amethyst to take a break and inner peace and the Moonstone to let yourself be guided by your intuitions. With this cocktail, say ciao to old patterns and welcome to the new!

Note: Not all crystals are water resistant. If you have any doubts, go to the sheet of the stone concerned, section Maintenance. You will find all the information you need there.

Beautiful New Moon the Glitter ✨🌈

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