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Full Moon October 9 in Aries ♈️

Pleine lune du 9 octobre 2022 dans le signe astrologique du Bélier

This Sunday, October 9 at 10:54 p.m. specifies the Moon will be full in the go-getter sign of Aries ♈️

What is the Full Moon? 🌝

Symbolically, the Full Moon invites us to take action. It represents maturity and consecration. After identifying new goals for the New Moon, now is the time to act, apply, and make decisions. At this phase of the cycle, we become aware of the levers to put in place and better understand how to go about moving in the right direction 🌝

Full Moon in Aries: power girl in action! 🦸🏽‍♀️

After a New Moon in Libra under the sign of collaboration, the Full Moon in Aries nuances this dynamic by highlighting the personal strength of each one. The power is in your hands! The energy of Aries is a source of great motivation that tends to erase the doubts that are blocking you. All the projects you think of are feasible, you can count on yourself, you are your best ally!

The energy of Aries to rekindle your inner flame 🔥

Turned towards personal achievement, the energy of this Full Moon brings great authenticity towards oneself and especially others! By being yourself, you become aware of your dreams, desires and needs in a quest for well-being. Guided by self-love, you are now ready to make decisions about your personal development. Whether it's simply signing up for a Pilates class or dropping everything to go around the world in a caravan, realize what makes you vibrate!

Love side ❤️ 🔥

On the love side, the vibrations of this fiery sign do not make you go through all four paths: truer than nature, with your (future) half you are very sincere and you are not afraid to reveal your feelings. Authentic, it even looks like your heart is speaking for you, it couldn't be clearer. For these next two weeks, the Truth (with a big V) takes a big place: it trains everyone to be more spontaneous and not to play a role. Single: the first impression can be decisive, trust your feelings!

What to do for the Full Moon in Aries?

This Full Moon invites us to create movement and action: oxygenation opens your mind enlightens your decisions 🔮

To encourage the reception of this beautiful energy, you can connect to the Fire element:

- Get moving: channel your energy by putting your body in motion: sport, dance, stroll, anything goes! 💪🏽
- Light a candle: contemplating this little flame connects you to the magic of Fire 🔥
- Take a sunbath: (weather permitting, of course) stock up on vitamin D to feel fit ☀️
- Create: artist or not, creation is hidden in everyday gestures. Why not create a new look or a new recipe? 🎨

Full Moon Crystals

For an evening at the top of the top, use the Full Moon kit consisting of a Ritual sheet and the 3 crystals associated with this energy: Howlite to focus on what really matters, Selenite to follow your intuition and Rose Quartz for self-confidence. With this cocktail, launch your projects with your eyes closed!

Beautiful Full Moon the Glitter ✨

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