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Full Moon January 7 in Cancer ♋️

Pleine Lune en Cancer du 7 janvier 2023

This Saturday, January 7 at 00:09 precise the Moon will be full in the magical sign of Cancer for the first Full Moon of the year ♋️

What is a Full Moon?

Symbolically, the Full Moon invites us to take action. It represents maturity and consecration. After identifying new goals for the New Moon, now is the time to act, apply, and make decisions. At this phase of the cycle, we become aware of the levers to put in place and better understand how to go about moving in the right direction 🌝

Full Moon in Cancer: the heart has its reasons… 💖

First Full Moon of the year, the energy of Cancer softens and brings more intuition where everything is (too) calculated to the millimeter by its opposite Capricorn. After re-grounding and focusing on pure productivity during the last New Moon, the energies of Cancer invite you to reconnect with your heart. Do you have a decision to make? Choose the heart rather than the reason! Your intuition wants to guide you: let your emotions express themselves. Protective, Cancer also brings you closer to your family: whether they are of heart or blood, it is with them that you will find answers to your questions.

The energy of Cancer to (finally) take care of your heart and your emotions 🤗

The energy of Cancer brings an extra-lucid gaze that encourages you to welcome all your feelings with great indulgence and a lot of listening: this Full Moon is a time to slow down and take the time to understand your emotions. To start the year with peace of mind, focus on those self-care moments that you have put off so long: this year, make yourself your number one priority! For what ? Because before throwing yourself body and heart into all these crazy projects planned for 2023, you must take the time to realign yourself.

And on the love side of this Full Moon 💖

Bachelor :

What matters is the connection! Trust your intuition, it is what guides you. The family circle reassures you and helps you to remain yourself: it is with your loved ones ++ that you are best able to meet THE person. “Hey, well, who is this beautiful soul that aunty wants to introduce me to? » 🚀

Couple :

In cocoon mode, you and your partner prefer to stay warm, wrapped up in a blanket, hot chocolate in hand. It's time for you to recharge your batteries and share your emotions by the fireside. What to take stock and exchange sweet words of love to start the year in a beautiful energy of love ☺️

What to do during the Full Moon in Cancer?

This beautiful energy reconnects you to your vulnerability to show you how much your emotions are your strength! It is next to the heart that you make the best choices for you, listen to yourself 🦢
This first Full Moon of the year questions you about the place you want to give to well-being in the coming months. And what better than a spa party to add more self-love today? 🧖🏽‍♀️

To encourage the reception of this beautiful energy you can connect to the element of Water, there is something for everyone:

- Stay hydrated: drink enough water 💧
- Take a shower while visualizing the bad vibes leaving with the water 🚿
- Swim in the ocean, sea or a river 🧜🏽‍♀️
- Let your creativity flow when you feel the need 🎨

Full Moon crystals 🔮

For an evening at the top of the top, use the Full Moon kit consisting of a Ritual sheet and the 3 crystals associated with this energy: Howlite to focus on what really matters, Selenite to follow your intuition and Rose Quartz for self-confidence. With this cocktail, launch your projects with your eyes closed!

Why use crystals at the Full Moon?

If you perform rituals, if you want to receive messages when you dream or if you want to soothe your emotions during this intense period, crystals can accompany you. The New Moon is a powerful energy moment: to channel it and make the best use of it you can wear crystals from the New Moon Kit.

Beautiful Full Moon the Glitter ✨

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