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Full Moon April 16 in Libra ♎️

Pleine Lune du 16 avril en Balance ♎️

On Saturday April 16 at 8:57 p.m. specifies the Moon will be full in the sign of the tightrope walker of the zodiac: Libra ♎️

What is the Full Moon?

First of this new astrological year, this Full Moon particularly invites us to take matters into our own hands to build and develop our projects. After your review of the year, it's time to take action! Especially since in the sign of Libra, decision-making is crucial 😉 What are the levers to activate to propel your progress?

Full Moon in Libra: share your light!

The energy of peace and balance that Libra radiates encourages the re-alignment of our thoughts and our relationships: it's time to shine together, whether it's with your partner, your bff or between you and you all. merely ! Energy is at the service of the collective. Do you also feel this strength of complementarities? Your relationships will take you by leaps and bounds 👢

Libra energy for finding common ground

And if opposites attract right now, it's a good sign of good agreements: to put it simply, you are on the same wavelength when you have a common goal. Communication is fluid and personalities soften for the good of the community.

And on the love side?

On the love side, the Full Moon in Libra brings a lot of sweetness, especially in communication: the accuracy and balance of your words are all the rage on your dates. This is a time when you may need to make a decision: a decision of the heart. So put on your 31 and announce the news when you feel ready! Bonus: your very close friends are excellent advice when doubt persists!

What to do for the Full Moon in Libra?

To encourage the reception of this beautiful energy you can connect to the element of Air, there is something for everyone:

- Breathing by circulating the air within yourself 🧘‍♀‍
- Communication by trusting, listening 💬
- Purification to renew energy, air 🔮
- Dance by appropriating the space, the air around you 💃

Small bonus point: the ambient energy brings a lot of charm and delicacy. It helps to find the right words. It's ideal for (future) lovers who wish to declare their flame 🔥

Full Moon Crystals

For an evening at the top of the top, use the Full Moon kit consisting of a Ritual sheet and the 3 crystals associated with this energy: Howlite to focus on what really matters, Selenite to follow your intuition and Rose Quartz for self-confidence. With this cocktail, launch your projects with your eyes closed!

Happy Full Moon Glitter ✨🌈

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